The WCTC Lodge is at the top of SH48, approximately a 5 minute walk in the Summer from the closest car park, and a 10 minute walk in the Winter.

Directions and parking information will be supplied by your trip leader when you book.

If visiting in the Winter, always carry a set of snow chains (practice fitting them at home, and carry old gloves or socks to keep your hands clean). If RAL require chains to be fitted, this applies to 2wd and 4wd vehicles.

The Lodge phone number is 07 892 3873. Give the trip leader and other guests a call if you need help. There are spotlights near the front and back doors (two separate switches).

There is an emergency public shelter near the car park.

Always carry emergency equipment like torches, drinks, charged mobile phone, a list of important phone numbers, warm clothing, etc.